Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Start shooting, ask questions later...

If you want to get as much out of your SLR and flash as possible, keep reading and bookmark or subscribe this page. It will be an ongoing tutorial about how you can make the most of both without breaking your back or bank ;-)

Most people have a problem with using their build-in flash, because basically: it sucks!
I thought so at least, until I invented a tiny simple device, that we'll simply call: The wonderful Bertram Paul Fantastic Light Diffuser.
Without it, the pictures you shoot with the BI flash, will have one or all of this:
1. Red eyes
2. Hard light
3. Hard shadows
4. Unwanted shadow of the lens

Just to name a few. WITH it, not only will you be able to overcome these horrible side effects, but you'll be able to control your light like a pro and even add extra colors and a spotlight function!
Before this was only possible with an expensive external flash and expensive add-ons, like gel-filters and -sets.
Now you can have all this for a few euros or dollars.
If by now I have your full and undivided attention, keep reading....

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